When Life Comes At You

It can be comforting to think that you have full control over what happens to you.

Most people live their lives that way.

The only issue is that when you do, you are never quite ready for what’s coming at you.

You may think you know how things ought to be, but the way they actually come is sometimes far from what you were expecting… And sometimes better, sometimes not.

The difference lies in knowing how to handle these things when they do come at you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to be in a new situation. Simply because we don’t have the tools to handle everything just yet.

The truth is most people stay stuck here.

But if you are to grow, learn, and prosper, free from the shackles that are holding you back, you need to understand this very thing:

“When life comes at you, you are in the best position to handle it in the best way you can.”

Now, this can be nerve-wracking, until you realize that you’ve been ready for everything that has come at you and that you’ve always, that’s right ALWAYS, have been able to get through it, no matter what.

We are not invincible as humans, but we do pack a punch… Don’t forget what punch you pack, and keep it handy next time life wants to throw you a curveball.





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