What about me?! Navigating A Noisy Internet

In 2018, practically everyone is on the internet and it’s no secret that most people (and 99% of you reading) have aspirations on social media. Last I checked, everyone at some point had a dream of making a name for themselves and today’s opportunities have made that dream more attainable than ever.

But the question remains, how does one break out from such a noisy environment?

To my knowledge there are two ways to “stand out”: 1. Be unique 2. Persistence. Now although persistence is difficult to teach, being unique is something that we can work on.

As human beings with individual qualities, we are in essence unique. Although professional attention-getters (yes, that’s a thing) typically have extravagant attire and mannerisms, every single one of us is able to make an impact in our own worlds in our own way. So if you’re not planning on dying your hair 3 different colors and tattooing your face, what CAN you do to stand out?

You’d be surprised at how many people long to connect with someone with similar interests, even if they’ve never met that person in person. As an influencer and expert in your space, you can be that person for somebody. Moreover, people get along with “their type” of people. People like people they can relate to. That they could be friends with in real life. For example, although I may be into fitness, there are fitness influencers I prefer watching more than others. And others I just can’t stand!

The good news is that there is a crowd for everyone of us, and although it may take months to find them, showcasing your best self, your true colors, online and on social media is the quickest way to attract them.

A way to accomplish a better connection with your fans is displaying your likes and dislikes. They’ll be able to relate to you even more closely based on whether or not they like or dislike the same things you do. The fans you can potentially lose because of transparency are quickly replaced by fans who adore you for who you are. It’s a much healthier outcome to hope for if you ask me.

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