The world is getting louder. Are you ready for it?

The world is becoming louder and more crowded, and not just on the internet.

People are becoming more in-tune with what they think they need to say and share with the rest of us, and it’s getting mixed signals that…

Some people have been in pain for so long that they have forgotten what it’s like to feel good.

When you’ve been through a tough situation, especially when you have for a long period of time, you become desensitized to how it makes you feel.

At first, you know right…

It can be comforting to think that you have full control over what happens to you.

Most people live their lives that way.

The only issue is that when you do, you are never quite ready for what’s coming at you.

You may think you know how things ought to…

If you’re having trouble generating blog post ideas, these ten tactics that we use will ensure that you never run out.

1) Read. A Lot.

every time you read, you fill your mind with awesome ideas that you can use to make your writing better. By reading books by…

Things don’t just happen out of thin air, although a lot of people may think they do.

In a world where millions of people are producing creative content every day, it can be easy to get caught up.

The creative process takes time, and a lot of the time…

It feels like these days, everybody has a different opinion: should you be obsessed with your work, or take it easy and find balance.

This is the good old adage saying that you shouldn’t invest all your time in one thing, lest you miss out on everything else the world…

When I was younger, this concept never even crossed my mind.

I didn’t have to show up for things because my parents would always make me.

When I got a bit older, this concept started to make more and more of its way into my life: having to show up…

Life is known to always have something to keep things interesting.

It’s one of those things that we all know is true: sometimes we got to deal with life’s problems.

And sometimes these problems seem insurmountable.

That’s where this strategy comes in.

The first step is to pinpoint what the…

These words have changed my life. And I’m hoping that they do the same for you.

  1. Resilience. When things get hard, this is all you need. Resilience is what will make or break your chances of success. …

Many people would say that the future holds everything.

When you look forward to the future, life seems greater, grander, more extravagant. You picture yourself having everything you want and hanging out with everyone you’ve ever wanted to hang out with.

I know that’s what I do.

The future seems…

Alex Mouland

Just a guy who is fascinated by psychology, marketing and personal development. Visit my website for free resources at

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